A new wagering
game for the

serious Gambler

Simple, fast and fun. Make a sequence, strategize your bets, watch the results. Tor$$age keeps you coming back again and again, to challenge your prediction and wagering skills.


About Us

We are a small corporation that resides in a casino community. After decades of both playing and researching standard casino games, we found ourselves increasingly bored at the lack of player involvement outside of anticipated wagers... and thus, Tor$$age was created!

In Tor$$age, the player makes the first decision of the game by choosing a sequence of four high/low cards. The player has total control of deciding the sequence before the dealer gets involved, and the player has total control of which part or parts of the sequence to place wagers.

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  • Play for free.
  • Hone your skills.
  • Join the Torssage team with your ideas and/or suggestions


  • Single Purchase $x.xx
  • Professional table minimum and maximum
  • Purchase more chips to enhance strategies
  • Track your games: total chip count automatically resumes from previous sign in
  • Enhanced table dynamics and personal Avatar
  • Join the Torssage team with your ideas and/or suggestions


  • Single Purchase $y.yy
  • Same as gambler, plus:
  • Play against others simultaneously.
  • Reduced fee for tournament play.
  • Winners receive cash or/point prizes
  • Show your name or Avatar if winnings are in the top ten of tournament players on sign in.
  • Tournament play is still under development. Registered players will receive a notification immediately when Tournament play is available for purchase.