About Us

We are a small corporation that resides in a casino community. After decades of both playing and researching standard casino games, we found ourselves increasingly bored at the lack of player involvement outside of anticipated wagers... and thus, Tor$$age was created!

In Tor$$age, the player makes the first decision of the game by choosing a sequence of four high/low cards. The player has total control of deciding the sequence before the dealer gets involved, and the player has total control of which part or parts of the sequence to place wagers.

Once the player’s sequence is set and wagers placed, the action begins. This is a revolutionary concept in casino gambling, similar to choosing fantasy football players prior to the start of each game. How the game unwinds is never the same. The game history displayed on the board further guides the player’s choices and strategy to maximize returns.

Tor$$age is an innovative game of chance that offers a new wagering system enabling the serious gambler to both strategize options and improve skills.

Try it out and give us your feedback. Our developers are standing by to enhance the experience of Tor$$age enthusiasts