Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has got compiled to inform as well as serve those customers of online Gambling. Also, this may be concerned regarding exactly how their personal information may get used online. Make sure that you read this privacy policy carefully so as to obtain a clear and accurate understanding of how we may collect, use, protect or handle your personal as well as identifiable information related to the guidelines.

Basically, Tor$$age is a game wherein it is played within 4 steps. From all of the chips, the player makes a count and then it goes into the next round wherein there occur random cards, so if it comes more than 7 then it is High sequence and if it comes less than 7 then it is Low sequence. Also, there is a rule that if 4 of the players may bet upon 7 then they may lose the game.

Information Collected

While using or ordering through our website, we may ask you about a number of personal information.

This may involve:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone number
  • Credit Card Information
  • Transaction History
  • Web Site Usage and Participation
  • Feedback about Products and Services offered

Whenever you get a chance to interact with our site and service, the services at Tor$$age would also keep up an activity log. This is unique and would involve information like IP address, time and date of access, the pages visited along with language used, and the type of browser you use. The only way we gather information is if you assist us on a voluntary basis.

Means of gathering and Processing Data

Additionally, to collect much of your personal data and information when you initiate up a transaction, we may receive personal information through other online vendors, and service providers may refer you towards our site. Third-Party Providers may use for support, to process online transactions, and help to maintain your online accounts. Additionally, we may access all of this information so as to handle order and transaction processing. This information gets used so as to assist you with a number of promotional offers and information about new or existing Tor$$age products and services.

How we make use of your Information

The information that is collected and that you provide us is normally used so as to process your transactions and provide customer support as required. We may also select so as to use the information for any other business purpose related to operating the site, program, products, and services offered through Tor$$age. From time to time it is necessary to share some of your information with the affiliates, agents, or subsidiaries for the purpose of technical support and the processing of transactions.

Updating Personal Information

Users of the site may contact us so as to update or even delete their personal information at any point in time through our contact page. This is also the page you must use you have got other complaints, issues, or even suggestion about the use of personal information. You may select to opt-out of receiving any of the further promotional communications by contacting us or using the opt-out button or link found within any of the sent email messages.

Information Security

Tor$$age has taken active measures so as to secure and even protect the security of all your important information. Each and every piece of information gets obtained immediately stored within a password-protected database. The database is secured behind an active, state of the art firewall that supports SSL Version and 128-bit encryption.