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Tor$$age is a wagering game wherein the player plays it within 4 steps. Through all of the chips, the player creates a count and then it turns out into the next round wherein there may occur random cards, so if it exists more than 7 then it is countable as a High Sequence and if it comes out less than 7 then it is a Low Sequence. Also, there occurs a rule that if 4 of the player bet upon 7 then it may lose the game.

There occur four stages to complete around once the player buys their desirable number of chips.

Stage 1 : Player may predict the sequence of HIGH/LOW cards the dealer would subsequently play. The player would predict the first cards as either HIGH (red tokens) or LOW (blue token). The player then aims to repeat this process four times so as to form a combination of HIGH and LOW. Example: (HHLL) or (HHHL) or (LHLH) etc.

Stage 2 : Wagers may get placed on any or all of the following W1, W2, W3, and W4. Pair 1, Pair 2, Pair 3. Triple 1, Triple 2. TOR$$AGE. Ins7. Any Three High Any Three Low. The player must place a total Minimum wager upon the board as set by the House.

Stage 3 : After all desired wagers get placed; the Dealer draws one card at a time and then compares the result to the player prediction. A match wins the wager including the odds for the player. A mismatch who wins the wager for Dealer/House. Wagers get paid or removed through the Board after each Dealer Card. Wagers get paid or removed through the board after each of the Dealer Card. Winnings get added to the Chip Count after the Dealer plays card 4. The deck of cards gets reshuffled, the board gets cleared and the next round of play begins with the original board layout, new chip count, and new, reshuffled deck of cards. The cards do not get replaced until the end of the fourth draw after which all the cards get reshuffled.

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  1. It begins with TableLayout
  2. Then the Initial Chip Count purchase would begin. Within this case $500.
  3. Stage 1: Player is determined to HIGH/LOW prediction. Within this case, HLHL.
  4. Stage 2: Wagers occur out to be placed as follows: 5 chips upon each W1-W4, 2 Chips upon Triple 1 and Triple 2, 1 chip upon Tor$$age, 2 Chips upon each INS7, 0 Chips upon Any Three High, 3 chips upon Any Three Low.
  5. Stage 3: Dealer plays the first card, within this case HIGH. The player is a match and then wins wagers on W1 however loses 1 chip/NST Wager.
  6. The dealer plays the second card within this case HIGH. Player occurs out to be a mismatch and loses, N2 Pair 1, Pair 2, Triple 1, Tor$$age and INS7.
  7. The dealer plays the third card within this case HIGH. Player matches and then wins W3 however loses 1NS7.
  8. The dealer then plays the fourth card within this case LOW. The Player now is a match and then wins W4, Pair 3, and any three High, however loses Any Three Low.
  9. Stage 4: The game resets with a new chip count, within this case 497. The player may review the Dealer's history in priority to making the next prediction. At this point, the player may decide whether or not to begin playing and whether or not to buy more and more of the chips. The entire deck gets reshuffled and the game starts over then.